Unity Pro


"All-in-one" software
5 IEC61131-3 languages + Legacy LL984
Integrated conversion tools from Concept, Proworks, PL7 Pro
FDT / DTM standard for field device integration
Standard objects and libraries
Customizable integrated Function Block Library (DFB)
PLC simulator on PC, Built-in test and diagnostic
Animation tables, Operator Screens and Trending Tool

What’s new?

Modicon M580, the attractive PAC

Support new High End, Hot Standby controllers including LL984 langage and Quantum Ethernet I/O drops
CCOTF on M580 local I/Os
Cybersecurity: Events log, enable/disable services, IPsec ….
System time stamping of application variables
Device integration: Ethernet network manager

Modicon Quantum controller

HART on X80 drops

Improvements for all controllers

Full Excel import/export tool
ANY_BOOL data type
Audit Trail: Log in Syslog


Designed to boost your engineering productivity
Unity Pro allows to design your applications faster and easier with its:

Standardized objects or libraries
Easy integration of field devices (FDT/DTM standard)
Powerful debug and simulation tools
Structured vision of data, including predefined diagnostic parameters of I/O modules
Full compatibility with existing applications

Designed to diagnose, maintain and update your installations

Unity Pro allows to maintain & update your installations without stopping the process (Change Configuration on the Fly - "CCOTF" - functions).
Animation tables (recipes), operator screens and trending tool allow easy maintenance of your process from a single software.
Thanks to the Modicon M580 web server, you can diagnose from any tablet or smart phone.

Smooth transition from legacy PLCs to state-of-the-art PACs
Unity Pro’s integrated conversion tools (from Concept, ProWORX, PL7 Pro....) bring smooth continuity and migration from your legacy PLC ranges to the new generation PACs.

Migrate legacy applications to Modicon PACs without rewriting the applications.
6 programming languages with Modicon’s original LL984 and the entire suite of 5 IEC PLC programming languages.


Process control applications for:

Modicon M340
Modicon M580
Modicon Momentum
Modicon Premium
Modicon Quantum
Modicon Quantum Safety

Documents & Downloads

User guide

Liquid Food Library V1.0 - a SoCollaborative Library, User Manual                    1/19/15              English