>Color TFT LCD                                                                    
>Pixels 800x480                                                        
>Varied dimensions 7"W/10"W                                                                    

>Bulit-in ethernet port                                                                      
>RTC inside                                                                          
>32MB/48MB user application memory                      
>Electric circuit coating design                                                                

>Support alarm and history records                              
>Built in RS232C/RS485                                                              
>Built-in 1 A USB and 1 Mini-B  USB                            
>Coincident with CE,RoHS certification 


1. New reference- single COM port GXU                                  
2. Simplying structure, Saving space                          
>Compact structure design, the most thickness is only 37mm                      

>Communication port indent design, no additional wiring space reservation                                                                    
3. Simplied Designer Basic make programming be easy.                            
4. New installation design, improve installation efficiency                          

>Anti-drop buckle, prevent HMI to falling accident damage                        

>New fastener mount screw, make it possible to install it only by one hand
5. No attachment to realize reliable connect USB memory                          
> Built-in USB connector lock                                                  
6.High anti-interference ability strengthen                                  
> Built-in isolation power                                                                  
> Enhanced communication circuit protection, RS485 communication port passing test without damage under six times of the EFT IEC standard.   

> Ventilation design, further reduce the water vapor, dust into inside circuit board                                                                                
> Strengthening coating for circuit boards, say goodbye to moisture, dust and other applications


Suitable for OEM simple machine, for exzample, textile, package machine, HVAC and so on

HMIGXU series touch panel

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